Roots Music for the Finnish Sisu and Soul


Wasel & The Weasels is deeply steeped in American roots music... Some call it old timey, some call it hillbilly, some call it old country or sometimes even pre-blues... The band has transformed age old lyrics written by unknown musicians way way back in time into Finnish adaptations of their own. This is:
Roots Music for the Finnish Sisu and Soul...

Our first album was released in Kaustinen Folk Festival 2022.

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Wasel & The Weasels was born in 2012 in the legendary jams of restaurant Ankkuri. We we're grooving so hard that we immediately decided to continue, and so we did. Our music comes from the roots of old American old-time, country and blues, rewritten in Finnish, rearranged and sometimes even recomposed. The stories tell about old time railways, loggers, miners and hobos, as well as old time addiction to food and drink. But... As we started with the originals in English, soon we started to worry that the Finnish audience couldn't relate to the many Americanisms in the original songs and that something should be done about that. Anything sung in "American" always sounds cool whatever the words and that would actually prevent some Finns from actually listening to the stories... That's why I came up with the idea of recreating the essence of the original stories from an entirely Finnish point of view. So, extracting from different sources, versions and variations, and writing my own, what came out was a bunch of completely new songs rooted out of the American tradion but transformed to the Finnish state of mind: Roots Music for the Finnish Sisu and Soul.
     —­— Wasel, 15.6.2022

Wasel Arar: vocals, mandolin, guitar, spoons
Marja Zilcher: vocals, fiddle
Klaus Hurskainen: clawhammer banjo
Juho Kyyhkynen: guitar
Jani Snellman: upright bass


“Coolest thing I 've heard in ages!”

— Tommi Viksten
(Emma-awarded producer of the year, producer for J. Karjalainen, Tuomari Nurmio, Kauko Röyhkä, etc.)





Tampere, Kulttuuritalo Telakka klo 21


Samuelin Poloneesi, Kåren, Turku


Mäntyharju, Nilkko Taproom klo 19


Pieksämäki, Kulttuurikeskus Poleeni klo 18


Savonlinnan Kulttuurikellari klo 19


Helsinki, Kahvila Roasbergin alakerta (Mikonkatu) klo 20


Rootsinpyhtää Bluegrass, Strömforsin ruukki


Juttutupa, Helsinki



Tired Uncle's Taproom klo 19, Espoo


Viinikahvila Pausa klo 19, Helsinki


AP-klubi, Albertin Kellari, Hämeenlinna


Myyr York Park Avenue, Vantaa


Haltiala Hayride, Helsinki


Puistokarkelot, Helsinki


Kaustinen Folk Festival, Kaustinen


Rootsinpyhtää Bluegrass, Strömforsin ruukki